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Innovation Superclusters Development Council

Why Superclusters

Innovation Superclusters Development Council (ISDC) is a strategic body for creating Innovation Superclusters which will act as catalysts and growth engines for economic progress. This model has been very successfully orchestrated in countries like Canada, Norway and Switzerland.

The Innovation Superclusters Initiative pulls together technology clusters across the country into industry-led consortiums. Each Supercluster focuses on technology innovation in the areas of Digital Technology, Clean Energy, Ocean Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Manufacturing.

The goal of Innovation Superclusters initiative is to solve complex challenges, drive economic growth, develop and attract top talent and advance world leading research and innovation. It will drive the economic growth of India in the coming years.

The first Indian initiative of Innovation Supercusters was launched in a conference of leading entrepreneurs, investors, technocrats, academicians at Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Kakkanad by former Sanskrit University Vice Chancellor, Dr M C Dileep Kumar.

The ISDC Advantage

  • Identify and support of new national growth industries
  • Innovate a national-level economic development and innovation program
  • Accelerate India’s GDP
  • Develop the knowledge-driven parts of the national economy
  • Attract innovators, foreign investments and a new generation of digital entrepreneurs
  • Construct India’s economy of the future

The Supercluster Model


of economic growth, by connecting 100’s of members and partners.


that attract talent, capital, researchers and companies.

Collaboration networks

built around the industries of the future.

Private-public partnerships

developed by design.

Industry level challenges

being solved.


collaboration platforms.